About us

   «Agekke Russia» was established as a branch of the Japanese «Agekke Group» in the year 2007. The company gained the leading position rapidly on the consulting market. Our main area is personnel recruiting. First of all, we are focused on cooperation with Japanese companies and subsidiaries in The Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad. We select personnel both for the top and for the middle positions.

Our partners are our corporate clients. «Agekke Group» head-office cooperates with them in Japan directly as well.

According to our statistics, more than 90% of candidates successfully passed the probationary period and continued their working. Most of our candidates signed long-term contracts with employers.

Our qualified recruiters work directly with the applications from potential candidates. We have been recruiting personnel for 6 years not only for permanent and temporary but for the leasing form. We have great experience in selecting of specialists with the knowledge of two or more foreign languages.  

Our specialists are focused on the definite segment of the market and they are high-motivated - all of that provides the guaranteed results.

There are different services in «Agekke Russia» besides recruiting and leasing such as outsourcing, specialized trainings and legal support for the Japanese companies in Russia and etc.

Presently, after taking the leading position in this segment, «Agekke Russia» is actively expanding the range of activities - European companies are also among our partners. Recently we have tried to involve young specialists, who are going to graduate the top Russian universities.