Temporary Staff

«Agekke Russia» is a few consulting companies dealing with temporary jobs selection.

We offer recruitment services for the term from one day. It can be both one-time and long-term projects. For example, our partnership with Nissan car factory in Togliatti lasts for more than two years. Regardless  employment contract term we make the agreement with the employee in accordance with the labor law of the Russian Federation.

We recruit professionals in the area of translation and interpretation, engineering, computer technology, tourism as well as administrative staff at various levels (personal assistants, secretaries, etc.). Also we can help to choose specialists who know  several foreign languages, both a European and a rare language including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic etc.

We provide personnel to accompany negotiations, seminars, exhibitions and excursions. We work not only with Moscow and Saint-Petersburg regions, but also throughout the Russian Federation. Moreover  we take care for all the issues connected with the relocation of our personnel such as tickets booking, apartment selections, conducting of transport expenses. While in a foreign country our personel are fully equipped and provided so as not to waste time on routines.  All the necessary payments and wages are made in accordance with the labor law of the Russian Federation.

We are looking for specialists in the Russian Federation, CIS and abroad (including Japan), and seek for the cooperation with the best experts, the best of breed in their trade and profession  from all over the world.